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About Bradtke Consulting

At Bradtke Consulting we have the knowledge and experience to assist all types of organisations, including not for profit, community services and businesses. We can look after the detail that compliance with new legislation and regulations requires, while you concentrate on what you do best.

Bradtke Consulting offers you an affordable service that can quickly deliver easy to implement tailored templates and documents as well as providing support and advice around Work Health and Safety and Human Resource Management.

We have the expertise and are up to date on the latest regulations but most importantly we understand how to build these requirements into your existing practices to make it easier for you and your staff.

Our Consultants

Cassie Mason

My name is Cassie Mason, I am a business partner/consultant at Bradtke Consulting. I am passionate about assisting business owners develop systems and processes in the Work Health and Safety and Human Resource/People Management area in their organisations.

In doing so, ensuring that they are compliant with government regulations and avoid the risk of fines and prosecution.

In small business, owners often get caught up trying to be the ‘jack of all trades’, when one of the most important aspects in business is stick to doing what they do best and outsourcing the rest. I enjoy meeting new people, keeping fit and spending time with my family and friends.

Cassie's qualifications include:

Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

Cert 4 in Work Health and Safety

Masters of Management
(Human Resource Management) - almost completed

Bette Bradtke

Bette Bradtke's academic qualifications include:


B.Social Administration

Certificate of Management

Diploma of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare

As a social worker and policy analyst Bette has an extensive professional background in both government and the community services sector. Most of her career has been in management roles where she has been responsible for planning, developing service models, policy analysis and overseeing compliance with legislation & regulatory frameworks.

Bette has also supported her partner in his contract cleaning business for the last 10 years so she has firsthand experience of the increasing burden on businesses to comply with a growing range of legislation and regulatory frameworks. She knows that most businesses may not have existing staff who have the knowledge or time to develop the documents and templates which are needed.

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Bradtke Consulting for many years.
Bette and Cassie have perfected the fine balance between meeting legal requirements and the human side of HR matters.
It provides peace of mind knowing that I can outsource our Contract documentation and policies to the Bradtke Consulting team while I concentrate on running the business.
Bette has been there for us through good times and bad. She has guided me through some very difficult situations and has been a rock of support for both myself and my employees.
I strongly recommend Bradtke Consulting for all things HR. They have a broad range of expertise and services available for businesses big and small.  Tammy Edwards

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