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At Bradtke Consulting, we understand that every organisation is different. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients in order to deliver the best results.

We seek to understand your organisation, its motives, its culture and its objectives. Our products and services are tailored specifically to suit your organisation and its individual needs.

Bradtke Consulting believes in delivering the most sustainable and dynamic solutions for small businesses.

The main services that we provide are the following: 

Human Resource Consulting

Many small businesses struggle with managing interpersonal staff issues, loss of valuable/key staff members and understanding the most effective ways of managing workers. The result can be catastrophic. Without immediate response to staff issues, they can be serious and expensive problems later. Don’t be in the position of receiving a Fair Work notification for an Unfair Dismissal claim. Behave proactively. Employees and contractors should be treated as an asset to the organisation.   

Bradtke Consulting can help you efficiently manage your employees by providing an external Human Resource department to your organisation. We can offer assistance with services such as:


  • Employee/Contractor document preparation such as Employee Contracts, Position Descriptions, Letters of Offer, Contractor Documentation 
  • Support and advice around employee/contractor arrangements
  • Performance Appraisals 
  • Dealing with employee conflicts 
  • Dismissals and Redundancies 
  • Return to Work Incidences
  • Advice around Awards 
  • Help Mediate Behavioural issues
  • Help understand compliance obligations in an increasingly regulated industry
  • Offer quality advice for small business needs
  • Offer packages providing quality HR Support

WHS Auditing

An internal audit of your business is vitally important. It’s like a ‘health check’, you get your body checked to make sure it runs well – your business is no different. How do you know if your business is healthy?

Work Health and Safety audits find out what is really happening in your business as they highlight and identify areas that may require refocussing on, such as policies and procedures, Work Health and Safety management systems etc. Fines and litigation could be a result of not checking the ‘health’ and wellbeing of your business in this area.


We can help to identify areas for improvement by developing a report and gap analysis for the responsible manager outlining the gaps in the system and the necessary recommendations for action.

Document Preparation

How many times have you tried a read a document or brochure from an organisation and it is so full of professional “speak” that you can’t understand it? Communicating in Plain English makes it easier for staff, clients or customers to understand your message. Work Health and Safety and Human Resource Documentation allows you to have a proper system in your workplace. We can help you to prepare:

  • Handbooks for customers/clients and staff 
  • Staff induction programs
  • Employee Contracts
  • Employee Position Descriptions
  • Contractor Paperwork
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Training manuals for management committees
  • Copy for newsletters
  • Copy for websites
  • Tenders
  • Brochures, flyers and
  • Documentation for accreditation or audit


We can help you to prepare paper trails to demonstrate compliance with funding or legislative obligations.

Our particular expertise covers the following Regulatory and/or Quality Frameworks:

  • Home and Community Care
  • National Respite for Carers Program
  • Mental Health Respite
  • National Quality Framework (Child Care)
  • Family and Community Development and
  • Community Benefit SA

Organisational Policies & Procedures

Tailor-made Policies and Procedures can assist in making sure that workers are undertaking all their “duties and responsibilities” and doing so in a way which is safe and compliant.

Bradtke Consulting can write simple and clearly worded policies and procedures formulated specifically for your organisation in relation to:

  • Ensuring compliance with the SA Work, Health and Safety Act, Work Health and Safety Regulations, Fair Work Act 
  • General Human Resource/Staff Matters. Examples include phone use, IT use, leave, drug and alcohol use, disciplinary processes, code of conduct, dress codes, attendance etc.
  • Professional standards in community services including client/customer service, grievances, case noting, privacy/confidentiality, access to information etc.

Editing & Proofreading

Bradtke Consulting can provide clients with the ‘peace of mind’ that their documents are perfect and grammatically correct.

Documents that contain spelling errors, inaccurate grammar and inconsistent formatting can detract from the overall professionalism of the document.

We can help you to polish your documents and reports by editing and proofreading. This is particularly important for tenders.

I run an emerging Architecture and Interior design practice. As our business grew we recognised the need to implement professional WHS policies, both to ensure that our staff worked safely on site and to protect the directors from RTWSA.

Bradke Consulting produced a WHS manual that covers our areas of risk but is also concise and understandable. As a result our WHS manual actually gets used rather than gathering dust on a shelf. I recommend Bradke Consulting.
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