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Bradtke Consulting works with clients from a range of different industries. Bradtke Consulting specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses in the following industries.

Hospitality Industry

Are you struggling with managing staff disputes, understanding industry awards, keeping up with the changes in Work Health and Safety 2012 and Fair Work 2009 legislations and essential workplace compliance? Do you have high staff turnover that is affecting the profitability and performance of your business? Do you as an employer in the food and service industry lie awake at night and worry that one of your employees may injure themselves in the workplace? It is common for hospitality organisations to employ large numbers of casual employees. Lawfully managing these employees is not an easy process. 

At Bradtke Consulting we aim to give you peace of mind. We assist organisations with the implementation of systems and processes to ensure that their businesses run smoothly and employees and workers understand their roles and responsibilities in the organisation. Bradtke Consulting works closely with a range of hospitality services such as cafes, restaurants and bakeries, tailoring products and services to suit the client’s needs.

Bradtke Consulting provides clients with the necessary documentation and advice ensuring their compliance with the Work Health and Safety and Fair Work Regulations. This documentation may include Policies and Procedures, Safe Operating Procedures, Employee Induction Packs etc.

Professional Services

As a professional involved in the running of your own business do you have the time to keep up to date with workplace and employee legislation and compliance?

Are you aware of the complications that can occur when things go wrong in the workplace? Whether it is injury to a worker, employee dissatisfaction, cases of bullying and harassment to be settled or employees sharing and utilizing your intellectual property these situations will cost you money.

Court costs or fines for lack of compliance are stresses that you can do without! At Bradtke Consulting we work with industries such as Swim Schools, Accountant Firms, Commercial Cleaners etc.  We can help you understand where you are at risk and assist you by putting in the necessary systems and processes to mitigate that risk.  

We prepare tailor made documentation such as Employee Contracts and Position Descriptions, Letters of Offer, WHS and HR Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbooks, Induction Packages etc.

Small Business Professional Services  Bradtke Consulting can act as an external department to provide Work Health and Safety or a Human Resources offering advice and consultancy services. Our products and services are low on red tape, easy to use and our team is local and can be at your work place almost immediately if there is an incident or investigation that needs urgent attention.


Are you no longer simply ‘working on the tools?’ Struggling to juggle everything yourself? These days you have to be a manager and an entrepreneur. Additional duties such as paying bills, wages, keeping up to date with the ATO, and managing your Work Health and Safety compliance and risk management can create stress and burn out. Do yourself a favour and reach out for help. 

Bradtke Consulting can take out one area of frustration in your life to allow you to focus on your business and do what you do best. Bradtke Consulting can assist by tailor making the required documentation that allows Tradesmen to undertake their work in a manner which is safe, where the necessary foundations are successfully in place.

Bradtke Consulting can provide Employers with the ‘Peace of Mind’ that their Employees/Contractors are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the organisation.


Having to make sure that your Business is complying with the necessary regulations can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Are you overwhelmed by the amount paperwork needed to successfully operate your business and manage employees or contractors?

Are you aware that you must have a Work, Health and Safety Management System in place before any construction work commences as well as any necessary Safe Work Method Statements? The maximum penalty that can apply for not having a WHS Management Plan implemented before a project commences is $6,000 for an individual and $30,000 for a body corporate.    

The latest report from Work Safe Australia for the 2015/16 Financial years shows that the Manufacturing and Construction industry have the second highest rate of serious workplace injury work groups occupying 12% of the total claims. 

Bradtke Consulting can help you concentrate on the important priorities of running of your business while we manage your Work Health and Safety and Human Resource obligations and keep your documentation up to date. 

Bradtke Consulting can provide Construction Industries with the necessary documentation such as:

  • Contractor Documentation 
  • Work Health and Safety Management Plans
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Safe Operating Procedures, Induction Checklists. 

We also offer Audits and updates of current management plans and advice and consulting services around Work Health and Safety and HR compliance. 

Allied Health Professionals

Bradtke Consulting works closely with Allied Health Professionals such as Dental Practices, Physiotherapists, Child Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Podiatrists to implement the required systems and processes in order to mitigate risk and ensure successful Work Health and Safety and Human Resource compliance. Health Professionals have strict regulations and standards that they must adhere too and implement into their systems and processes. Regulations and Standards such as AHPRA and other regulatory boards.

The latest report from Work Safe Australia for the 2015/16 Financial years shows that the Health and Personal Services industry have the highest rate of serious workplace injury of all work groups at 15% of total claims. 

Bradtke Consulting tailor makes all products and services so that they are easy to use and fit the individual needs of each client. It is our goal to make sure that we assist our clients in implementing a system that allows them to have the right foundations in place so that they are confident that all their compliance duties are covered.

We have been using Bradtke Consulting for all our WHS & HR needs for 3 years. Bette’s straight forward approach with no jargon gives us easy to use procedures and forms. Her employment contracts and position descriptions are clear and concise.

Top that off with great mediation skills and Bradtke Consulting meets all our WHS/ HR needs.

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